Are YOU Going to Win My Very First Giveaway?

Happy Monday!! I’m so excited because we are kicking off this week with a first for me: a GIVEAWAY!!

Last week when I was on AM Northwest talking about all the fun Easter / Spring finds from World Market, I gave you some ideas for ‘hostess’ gift baskets, remember? Well, World Market was kind enough to let me keep a basket of some of my favorites… to SHARE WITH YOU!

Here’s the deal:

The basket is worth approximately $50 and includes: a Microplane Zester ($13), Meyers Hand Soap and Dish Soap in Basil scent ($10), a citrus reamer ($5), a pair of veggie scrubby gloves ($10), a mini cutting board ($5), a darling fork, knife, spoon dish towel ($8), and some spring-themed muffin cups ($2)… all packed up in a darling basket ($8). All items are courtesy of World Market and were hand picked by me!

World Market Giveaway
World Market Giveaway

Once you click the link below you’ll have several ways to enter… and one of those ways allows you to enter once each day!

The giveaway starts today, April 14th, and will end at 11:59 this Friday, April 18th.

You must be over 18 to win (so please only enter if you’re over 18).

Finally: sorry, only addresses in the United States and US Territories can enter to win. (I’m covering shipping costs and shipping can get expensive… so I gotta keep it contained.)


Anyway, fun, no?

So, take a moment and I hope you’ll enter as much as you can this week. SOMEONE has to win… why not YOU??

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48 Replies to “Are YOU Going to Win My Very First Giveaway?”

  1. It’s s tough call between the cute utensil tea towel (I HAVE been coveting it for a while), and the Basil Mrs. Meyers hand soap (I LOVE the way it smells, and have been rationing the bottle that I have now)! I guess I’d go with the tea towel!

  2. I am in love with Meyers products and just ran out of hand soap and have been jonesing to try the dish soap. Your giveaway is perfect timing – and I had no clue World Market carried it.

  3. The hand soap!!! I’m always washing my hands so I’m always running out! I’ve also been wanting to try this brand! Everything else looks good too! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the opportunity!!

  4. Fun gift basket! I’d probably take the soap, if I could only get one item. I’m intrigued by the citrus thing-y, too. Is that a kind of juicer?

  5. Love Meyers… have that same basil one in my kitchen right now… but the veggie scrubbing gloves sounds like it might be something fun to try. Love the idea and you cant go wrong with anything from world market!!

  6. I would want the microplane zester. I have always wanted one because it would be so easy to add a bit od citrus zest to baked goods or savory dishes.

  7. The soap. I have heard great things about Mrs. Meyers products, but I just haven’t had the opportunity to try them for myself. Thanks to you and World Market ( One of my ALL TIME FAVS!) for providing such a fab give-a-way!

  8. I would most love either the gorgeous tea towel or the ever-so-handy microplane. The zest of a lemon or orange would be absolutely fabulous mixed in some delicious springtime cupcakes baked in those cute little liners. Oh, and my birthday is Friday, so that would be a wonderful birthday surprise πŸ™‚

  9. Thank you for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway. I have never used Meyers, so I would definitely choose the soap.

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