Be A Light

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.

Matthew 5:14

This morning I sat at my computer to check email and realized my daughter had left her gmail account open. As I went to close out of it, I noticed an email from my man right at the top with a subject line that said, “Honey, I thought you’d like this…” A video box filled the space – so I clicked.

Now I’m sitting here… teary eyed… thinking about it’s truth. The truth that, now matter how many people we might know, or how many ‘friends’ we might have on facebook, or how many ‘followers’ we may have on any given platform, or how many people we may see in a day…nothing replaces a connection of two hearts.

So, today, I just thought I’d encourage you to reach out to someone. Take just 15 minutes and make a real connection with someone.

Don’t send a text – make a phone call.

Don’t send an email – write a letter.

Bake some cookies for a neighbor.

Invite a friend you’ve been missing out for coffee.

Write notes to your children and leave them on their pillows – and tell them how you’re so blessed to be their mom.

Make eye contact – real eye contact! – with the person at the grocery store, or that pumps your gas, or that is cleaning the bathroom at the restaurant you visit… and tell them ‘thank you’.

Because we could all use a friend… some understanding… a little kindness… a hand of love.

Be love today, sister. Open your heart – move beyond the weather talk and be a friend. You are needed. You are special. You are uniquely placed right where you are.

Be brave. Step out. Your world needs your light.

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