Breakfast For the Soul


I had breakfast with a beautiful group of my ladies yesterday… and, wow – aren’t good friends sweet for the soul? One of the gals hosted our group of 10 in her home. And, not only did she just open her door, she welcomed us.

She had the coffee set out in a beautiful serve set with cubed sugar and real cream; and, she thought ahead and had hot water on the stove in case anyone was in a tea mood.

She had real napkins, darling little plates that had a spot to hold our coffee cups, flowers on the table.

Then, for everything each of us brought, she pulled out a beautiful plate or bowl to hold it.

The minute each of us walked in we could tell she was not only ready for us – but that she had been anxiously awaiting our arrival. It was awesome.

Being there made me realize the importance of hospitality – of being warm, generous, and friendly when we open our homes. Of putting flowers on the table just because (even if they just come off the bush in our backyard!). Of lighting candles. Of putting thought into the details – and caring more about how our guests feel instead of how long it’s going to take us to wash and store all the cloth napkins they use. Of simply treating others how we would love, love, love to be treated.

As for the food – that just topped off our morning. There wasn’t a sea of prepackaged cakes from the grocery store. No – it was hardboiled eggs, fresh berries, yogurt, quinoa, mango, grapes, spelt scones. It was beautiful. It was fresh. It was light. It was exactly what our bodies really need (and really want!) when we start our days.

Our two hours together wasn’t just breakfast for our bellies… it was breakfast for our soul. Thank you, sweet sister, for having us.

Rebel on, -e.



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