ENTER TO WIN: Reclaiming Home, A Book By My Friend Krista Gilbert


Today I’m joining in celebration with my friend Krista over at Meaning In A Minute. It’s the official day of her book launch… and peeps, let me tell you: this is a book I encourage every crazy busy mama out there will buy, read, and savor.

Krista sent me an early copy of her book several weeks ago – just as we were settling into our new house. It arrived in an oversized hand-addressed envelope; I wasn’t expecting anything and I must say: I was pretty giddy thinking something good may be hiding inside. As I reached in and pulled out the goodies, I was in awe by what I was holding: a handwritten note, her book, glittery things, an encouraging calendar… it was like an envelope of love and I could feel Krista’s sweetness pouring into my frazzled and overwhelmed spirit.

“Reclaiming Home: A Family’s Guide for Life, Love & Legacy” on the front… and, on the back the truth of my life in that very moment: “Are you watching as your family spins out of control?”


Yes. There it was. My truth in a headline.

Krista’s care package met me right where I was. Wires hanging from the ceiling where fixtures should be; kids bickering; groceries waiting to be unloaded; laundry taunting me from the other room; long, long lists of ‘to-dos’ I had to do to get us settled into our new space; and, an overwhelmed heart from recognizing this fact: I only have four more years with my oldest girl before she’s on her own and my day-to-day with her is gone.

Our move was more disruptive than I could have ever imagined – and, honestly, the first weeks after moving in I was filled with anxious thoughts. How the heck do I reign our lives back in and get things back in order? What can I do to get technology use under control – the devices have taken over?! How do I bring joy and peace and connection and play back into our seriously ‘busied’ family… and, Lord, show me how to fill our home with so much love and warmth so that, while my kids my leave someday, they will always long to come home?

I was praying for wisdom… praying for clarity… praying for practical advice. Then, out of the blue, Krista showed up on my doorstep and invited me to do what I was struggling to do: RECLAIM MY HOME.


Just check out the titles of her chapters:

Reclaiming Your Foundation
Reclaiming Time
Reclaiming Ordinary
Reclaiming Marriage
Reclaiming Childhood
Reclaiming Play
Reclaiming Imperfection
Reclaiming the Table
Reclaiming Traditions
Reclaiming Legacy
Reclaiming Faith

At the end of each chapter Krista has little checklists, worksheets, dares (the dares are awesome)… all kinds of things that have helped me pause, intentionally think through specifics of my situation, and be encouraged in the midst of the crazy, busy season our family is in right now.


There’s so much I could tell you about it… so many nuggets of wisdom I could share. But, instead of being long winded, and because Krista is so dang cool, I figured I wouldn’t just tell you about it – instead, Krista said I could give you a chance to WIN YOUR VERY OWN COPY.

All you have to do to enter is this: leave a comment to this post stating the ONE chapter from the chapter list above that is speaking loudest to you. That’s it!  (I also hope you’ll subscribe to my blog in the sidebar… but I won’t make it a requirement for winning 🙂 )

I’ll announce THREE random winners on my Facebook  Page this Friday, September 18th, at 12pm PST. So, after you leave a comment, be sure you follow me on Facebook so you’ll know if you’ve won!

Ok, now go for it. I really want to give you a copy… it will bless your socks off.

22 Replies to “ENTER TO WIN: Reclaiming Home, A Book By My Friend Krista Gilbert”

  1. Reclaimimg Traditions. With too much going on around holidays and packing up and traveling, we’ve lost our goal of establishing our own traditions.

    1. Hey Allison – you’re one of my winners! I emailed you directly – check your spam folder if you don’t see it in your inbox 🙂 -e.

  2. I’m planning to get this book anyway, but a win would be lovely! 🙂
    Looking forward to all the insight, but especially Reclaiming Play. We’re a busy household that forgets to stop and enjoy each other often enough.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Reclaiming your foundation speaks loud – my daughter just got married and it was almost a perfect day until the new in laws decided to be ugly and cause drama – I would love to share this book with her and my new son inlaw as they begin this new chapter in life and focus on the importance of faith, marriage and imperfections – thank you

    1. Hey Diane – you’re one of my winners! I emailed you directly; check your spam folder if you don’t see it in your inbox. Congratulations!! -e.

  4. Since becoming a widow 6 months ago, I have been thinking about our family legacy — what our family will look like after I am gone — will our children and grandchildren and even great grands have been impacted by us and our home to live the best life — especially spiritually and physically.

  5. “Reclaiming your foundation,” is the chapter title that jumped out at me (along with a few others).

    Our foundations are what help keep us grounded and strong, so that we may better build our selves and our lives. Just like a building really! But through the past few years..my foundation was badly jeopardized and knocked out right from beneath me. My struggles are life struggles just like everyone else, but they just all seemed to hit at the same time…and at the worst time. It’s one thing to simply rebuild…which I’m currently doing. But “reclaiming” it, this in my mind takes it to a different level. In this rebuilding process, I think it’s important to fully embrace taking my personal power back.

    Thank you, for sharing your friend Krista’s book, Elisha. Forget just rebuilding my foundation…I need to fully reclaim it! It all starts with the foundation.

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