Home… I am HOME

Well, for those of you who aren’t with me on social media, you may not know: we are now in Guam! Yep, thanks to Food Fighters, we are home. (If you didn’t catch the full episode, you can watch the final round HERE.)

We arrived late last night after four days in Tokyo… and Tokyo was amazing. (I’ll have to post that later… there’s too much to cover here.)  We visited a Japanese onsen (which I think will go down as the coolest thing we’ve ever done together as a family to date), ate more ramen than you can imagine, and walked more miles in four days than we’ve done in the last year. The Japanese culture is wonderful… and we had a total blast.

As for Guam, we arrived late last night and  started today at 7am with toes in the sand – and a rainbow!

Tumon Bay outside the Outrigger Hotel
Me and my man, Tumon Bay





From the beach we put plumerias (my favorite flower on earth) in our hair and spent a full day with my dad and family…


with auntie bobby
Here we are with my dad and my sweet Auntie Bobby.

then ended our evening with a gorgeous island sunset….

Overlooking Tumon Bay from the top of the Outrigger Hotel, Guam
View from atop the Outrigger Hotel, Guam

while our kids enjoyed the GoPro and the warm pacific ocean…






Now that I’m sitting in my bed processing the day, I’m in awe. First of all, I can’t believe we’re home. Seriously? Did I seriously compete on an NBC game show and win the money to allow for this amazing family vacation? And, how can it be that I was raised here? Here? Really? On this little rock of paradise in the middle of the pacific ocean? How can it be that I knew these beaches before the mega hotels and beach bars and millions of tourists? How can it be that these waters raised me? How can it be?

Being back home and watching my kids take joy in the warmth and beauty blesses my heart beyond belief. All I keep whispering to myself is, “Thank you, Father”. What a gift… what a gift.

I can’t wait to share more of my beautiful island home and our family adventures with you – including local food and recipes! Stay tuned – and connect with me on Twitter,  Instagram and Facebook if you can! This is gonna be quite an adventure.

10 Replies to “Home… I am HOME”

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed watching you on Food Fighters (and sad that it doesn’t come on any more) and so happy for you and your family to have gotten to go on your trip! Are you not going to post on your blog any more? I miss you.

    1. Thank you, Vivian. YES – I plan to keep posting. I so appreciate you reaching out 🙂 Thanks for being here with me and reading my heart!

  2. I knew I recognized you! My family & I were on Guam, too. While having coffee with my father at Outrigger Hotel last Saturday, I thought I saw a familiar face! Coincidently, we were just talking about healthier versions of food from home and then across the lobby, I saw you & your family. My husband said I should have come up to you to say hi since I’m a big fan. But I didn’t. I must have been “star” struck! What a blessing for us to be home this Christmas & I’m happy you could be home, too!

    Greetings from Colorado,

    1. Hi Fritzie!! I’m just now seeing this… and gosh, I wish you would have said ‘hello’! Thanks for reading and being here with me 🙂 I hope you’re inspired… and I hope we’ll stay on this journey together. Blessings to you, -e.

  3. Well, “they” say you can never go home…obviously “they” are wrong. Looks like a lovely time you are having. What a wonderful gift to share with your family. Enjoy

    1. Thank you, Lisa! It was a blast. Now if only I can find the time in ‘real life’ to go back and write about it in greater depth. It was truly a gift. -e.

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