It’s Finally Here: NBC Food Fighters!

In less than 12 hours, millions of people will be watching as I battle against five of the best chefs in the world on NBC’s brand new culinary competition, “Food Fighters”.

I’ve been sitting at this computer for over an hour trying to figure out what to say about it… and, to be honest: I’m speechless. Even though it’s happening, I can’t kick the feeling that this is too good to be true. Me? Really? Am I really going to be on NBC? Really?

I’m humbled.

I’m excited.

I’m nervous.

I’m honored.

I’m grateful.

And, more than anything, I give all glory to my Heavenly Father for bringing me to this place and to this opportunity, for I am nothing without His grace and mercy over my life.

Wow. Wow. WOW.

I guess the only thing left to say as we push forward to 8pm tonight is… LET THE FOOD FIGHT BEGIN!!

Photo Credit: Food Fighters, NBC Universal


Watch Food Fighters TONIGHT (Tuesday, July 22nd) @8pm ET/PT on NBC

10 Replies to “It’s Finally Here: NBC Food Fighters!”

    1. Hey there! Gosh – FINALLY getting through these comments 🙂 I know, wasn’t that fun? Seb stole the show with his big blue eyes and cheers for mama! Thanks for watching… and hope to see you again soon! The end of summer came way too fast… -e.

  1. Saw the show You were awesome! And thanks to Nick over at Macheesemo have found your wonderful site. Looking forward to exploring!

  2. Yay! Big Congrats Elisha, winning 4 out of 5 rounds on “Food Fighters” tonight!….Have a nice family trip to Guam!

  3. Elisha, a big congrats on your win! So happy for you and your family. Loved the show and found your recipes to look and sound delicious. Would you be willing to share your recipes? Very interested in stewed chicken and especially the accompanying rice. Yum! Never tried fish tacos but yours look uncomplicated. Would like to try myself. I enjoy cooking and baking too. Have a wonderful trip to Guam. Thank you for sharing. God Bless.

  4. You are amazing! Our family is so excited to watch you on tv tonight. You are an inspiration! May the Lord bless you for this incredible journey.

    Looking forward to trying your recipes too!!

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