Less Bread, More Yum

I’m not a big bread girl. Bread makes me feel weighed down and feels like it sits in my stomach forever. Same with pasta, crackers… all the other ‘whole grain’ carb carriers we’re told to eat numerous servings of during the day. (Except for Dave’s Killer Bread and Ezekiel Bread; these are heavenly.)

Now, give me a plump, hard crust, peasant style bread and I’m all over it – especially if it’s baked with herbs or garlic. These breads make a phenomenal sandwich base… like this one I had today:

I took a slice of our rosemary loaf, topped it with a thin layer of whole milk cheddar cheese, then slipped it under the broiler. When the cheese was nice and toasty, I pulled it out and covered it with a few slices of some leftover steak, and fresh lettuce and basil out of the garden.

Real cheese.

No mayonaise.

No dressing.

Just a perfect stack of perfect flavors… and, that one slice of bread? It was just enough.

And that’s the thing I want my kids to grow up believing: bread is nothing but a filler… and, less bread = more yum.

Rebel on, -e.



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