Our New Home!

If you are with me on Facebook or Instagram, you know the big news: we have a new house!

As I sit here and write those words, I’m still a little stunned. God did it. That’s all I can say. At many points along the way we felt it was falling apart. There were times I stood in the house with the seller, arms around each other, praying through tears that God would graciously work out the unexpected details and see the transaction through. It wasn’t just our purchase – but the seller’s purchase, and the seller’s seller’s purchase, and that seller’s seller’s purchase. Three other transactions – and the lives of three other families – were hinged on our closing this house… and that reality kept me on my knees literally clinging to my Father.

Thankfully, however, here we are. Step by step by step, God answered our prayers and we. are. putting. down. roots.

Our new home is a little, unassuming house on a cul-de-sac in a  small, older pocket of Lake Oswego, OR – just two blocks from the house we’ve been renting for the last two years. The life we’ve built-in our rental will continue uninterrupted… the kids stay in their same schools, we keep our favorite restaurants, our library, our farmers market, and our best friends in the neighborhood will now be our next door neighbors.

It’s a house you might not even realize is there…


Yet when you walk in the front door…


you’re greeted by walls of windows that overlook the backyard and the original open beam vaulted ceiling.


The living space is split on two levels with a fireplace on each level. It’s classic mid-century construction, which means it’s solid. Plus, the seller (whom I will stay bonded to from here on out) did an meticulous job up keeping it for the last dozen years.


Our plan is to remove the wall you see with the countertop above so that we can open up this galley kitchen:


and join the main living space into a great room where kitchen and dining flow together.

In addition to removing the kitchen wall, we will be getting rid of specific items that we bought after reading certain reviews for outdoor products . The plan also consits of painting, pulling out a wall between two bathrooms to make one larger and one a little smaller, adding on a laundry/mud room, and… many, many other things I’m sure. We are going to hire a reliable contractor, residential painters near Gettyburg, PA, who provide top notch customer service and work hard to go above and beyond client expectations. Ed’s already dusting off his tools and making task lists (thank God for my handy man!), and we’re both chomping at the bit to get our hands dirty and get the transformation underway.

While we’re more than excited, it honestly doesn’t feel real. When we left our suburban life two years ago, we would have never guessed God would lead us to put roots down in this little community. There were many times in the last couple years we considered turning around and giving up on this new life; we’ve weathered storms in our marriage, in parenting, in friendships… but, thankfully,  God met us face to face in the darkest parts and brought us through.

Now that we’ve closed on this house, it feels like we’ve pulled into the dock after a long trip at sea and we’re ready for a new start on dry land. We’re back at shore different from who we are when we first left; we’re weathered, toughened, humbled, and appreciative… not just of each other, but of His great supernatural mercy and kindness. As we’ve fought the storms together without giving up, we’ve learned how strong each of us really can be – how much we really love and need each other – and how important it is to cherish what we have been entrusted with… as perfect, or imperfect, we may feel it to be.

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Much love.