Thanksgiving Soaks Dry Bones

Soaking Dry Bones THINK THESE

I am thankful for my home… a place so unlike the home I grew up in. Here, my children know love, peace, comfort. Here we have hugs, giggles, memories, traditions. Here, no matter what we’ve met in the world, within these walls, Jesus is. Here is where we exhale… where there is safety… where there is refuge from the world. Here is where we shake the dust off our feet, find renewal and REST in His goodness because here, HE IS WELCOME – and His spirit fills this space.

I am thankful for my good man… my good, GOOD man. A man that faithfully wakes every morning and goes to work without complaint. A man that loves to love us – with roaring fires when it’s cold, tickle parties when they’re needed, a tune on the ukulele when spirits are down, homemade waffles and bacon on Saturday mornings. A man that is funny, patient, kind, thoughtful, true; a man that laughs heartily, serves diligently and never tires of doing right. A man that loves me, his woman, with his every breath… and can still catch my eye across a room and melts my heart. A loyal man, a strong man, a man after the heart of our Father and who is perfect for me in every. single. way.

I am thankful for motherhood and these babies that make me ‘mama’. Ah, motherhood – the journey of refining, humbling, strengthening; an exercise where I am daily reminded that I must decrease and He must increase. A journey where I’ve had breathtaking, beautiful highs around one bend, and then thick, dark, muddy valleys around the next. My babies – His treasures and my greatest gifts. Every single quirk, challenge, difficulty, difference, tear I’ve shed – thankfulness abounds.

I am thankful for what I’ve left behind… thankful I’ve been broken over and over and over – and that, through every crushing of self, He’s bloomed compassion, forgiveness, empathy, humility. I’m thankful He has seen me fit to discipline… and that by His discipline, I get to experience the fullness and peace that abounds when I willingly sacrifice my will for His.

I am thankful that because of His great mercy, we are not consumed. That we awoke with breath in our lungs – and opportunity to be His hands and feet today.

I am thankful He is REAL… He loves me… He called me… He saved me. I’m thankful that no matter what is going on in this world, no matter what circumstances threaten to sweep me away, HIS TRUTH REMAINS. In the midst of brokenness, heartache, distraction, He holds my face in His hands, looks me in my tear-streaked eyes and says, “FOCUS ON ME. Do not fear – I have you! I’ve told you before that in this world you WILL have trouble – and yes, it is heavier now that it ever has been. But do not worry! Remember, I have overcome the world and I WILL NOT LEAVE YOUR SIDE.”

I’m thankful I can choose turn off the TV.

I’m thankful I can choose to unplug.

I’m thankful I can choose PEACE in the face of chaos, LOVE in the face of HATE, TRUTH in the midst of lies, JOY in the mist of DESPAIR.

I am thankful I AM FREE… I AM HOPEFUL… I AM CERTAIN THAT I AM HIS. And that, when my bones are dry from the overwhelming brokenness all around me,  all I have to do is be still and willing to hear Him SPEAK LIFE that renews my soul.

PRAYER: Father, this world is in chaos. Hatred. Division. War. Doubt. Fear. Hopelessness. In the midst of this darkness, equip Your children to be Your Light! May we be people focused on You: on what is TRUE, NOBLE, RIGHT, PURE, LOVELY. May we be gracious people, kind people, generous people… and, through us, may people taste and see that YOU ARE GOOD. Thank you, Father, for your pure, unconditional love… and for your patient heart that would see no one perish. In Jesus name, Amen.


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  1. LOVE this Elisha! Your words, your heart, your soul. Love all of it- It is so good to give thanks to the Lord- He is so good, to give us all of this- I echo so much of this- I love love: “I am thankful for motherhood and these babies that make me ‘mama’. Ah, motherhood – the journey of refining, humbling, strengthening…” So well said. Your words, so beautiful and I look forward to connecting in person. Happy Thanksgiving.

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