The Food Fight Is Over…

I win!

Well, that’s it! After a year of waiting to see it come to pass, Food Fighters finally aired and I can say with joy: this little mama threw down and beat some of the best chefs in the world!

I’ve been overwhelmed with emotion this last week as we awaited the episode. It was exciting giving interviews and seeing my story unfold in the media… but I was nervous to see how it all would come together. Thankfully, I LOVED IT.  So, thank you Electus and NBC – I am honored you chose me to be part of this amazing project.

Words cannot do justice to the experience of competing on Food Fighters. Nothing I say will ever help you fully grasp the emotions – the anxiety, stress, fear, and excitement! – I felt as each new chef walked on stage. While America watched an hour long episode, in reality the competition took hours upon hours to unfold.  The freshness I took to the first couple rounds was soon zapped by the pressure, and by the end of the day I was exausted, dehydrated, and running on nothing but pure adrenaline.  It was so hard; and, you can see the nerves started to take their toll as I began making mistakes in my last two rounds! Thank God He pulled me through and I was able to recover after that devestating loss to Marcel! UGH! I honestly didn’t think I could keep going…

I am so thankful for ALL OF YOUR LOVE you’ve poured out on my blog, facebook, and twitter. It especially warmed my heart to hear from fellow Guamaians expressing pride over seeing our island represented on national TV. Yay, Guam!!!

Here are answers to some of the questions I’ve received (and that you may be wondering about):

Q: How did the morning show in Seattle go? 

I kicked off yesterday in Seattle where I appeared on New Day Northwest. We talked Food Fighters, and I made a chocolate quinoa pudding – a ‘healthified’ version of a traditional Guamanian dish called ‘champulado’. Here’s the segment:

Q: When are you going to Guam?

Good question! Lord willing, it will work to go this December. My hope is to be there for about a month. It takes almost a full 24 hours to get there – and airfare alone will be close to $12,000! So, if we’re going, the plan is to stay as long as we can and make the most of it. We have tons of family to see. PLUS I really want to work on a Guamanian food series while I’m there. Guamanian food is exceptional… and I plan to continue sharing our food and culture with the world.

Q: What happened to your finger?
Ohmygosh – my finger! At the beginning of the second round my nerves had me shaking so bad! I had to cut open the plastic bag the fish was sealed in and, while I held it in one hand and sliced at it with the other, the tip of the exteremely sharp pearing knife knicked me just enough to cause a small problem. Thankfully it took just a minute to wrap it up and I got right back to cooking. Thank God it didn’t jeapordize my round!

Q: Can you share your recipes?
NBC has all the recipes HERE.

Also, check out the ‘extras’ from the NBC website:

Q: I missed the show… where can I watch it?

NBC has the full episode posted HERE.

Anyway, while I don’t think I’m fully processing anything in my brain just yet, I couldn’t let today go by without saying THANK YOU for your support, encouragement, and for cheering me on! Food Fighters was the most amazing thing I’ve ever done in my woman skin… and, I am grateful for every minute of it.

So, again, thank you for being here with me… and I hope you’ll watch every week and make Food Fighters one of the summer’s best new shows!

Much love to you, my sweet friends.


12 Replies to “The Food Fight Is Over…”

  1. Wow! That was amazing. I can only imagine the gamut of emotions you felt that day. It reminded me of childbirth! I hope you felt the Lord’s pleasure as you brought Him glory living out your gifts before the world. You were so cute and poised on camera…loved the ruffled apron and shiny shoes:) I know He’s proud of you!

    Your menu was awesome. It’s too bad the chicken stew didn’t quite come out as planned. Anyway the recipe still looks great. I’m going to make it today! Though I might make the rice with quinoa instead. He, he, he.

  2. I am soooo proud of you, I prayed for you throughout the show. Both Keith and I clapped and screamed, well, me, at the end. You showed such grace and class. God bless you. It was precious seeing your family sitting there supporting you. Hope to see you soon, lots of love sent to you! And wow, wow, wow!!!

    1. Thank you, Dora Ann! I’m so thankful to know both of you and I’m so glad you saw the show. What a gift God gave me in the opportunity. See you at church! Love, -e.

  3. Congratulations! I watched the show because I live in Tualatin and I am also half Guamanian. I grew up learning to cook with my Grandma too. My eyes are the same color as you too! We would stay up late nights before holidays rolling egg rolls, making chicken keleguan, red rice and lots of other island favorites. I have never been to Guam but would love to go sometime too. So great that you can take your kids. Congratulations again!

  4. I sent this posting off to my son today- so he can read and see your amazing journey. I hope many young people studying for their future careers see and read your story. Thank you for being honest and transparent before our world. Thank you for sharing the hard work that went into your TV event! You are such an amazing and faithful friend. It is an honor and a pleasure to know and love you! Bless you and your Nana!
    Keep Cook’n xoxo Carla

  5. I lived on Guam as a young girl while my dad was stationed there for the Air Force. My brother was born there and I have such happy memories of playing with coconuts and going to the beach, so I was hooked and certainly cheering you on when “Food Fighters” happened to come on my TV last night. Thanks for sharing the recipes!

    1. Thanks, Kelly! The island life definitely imprints on your heart, doesn’t it? Glad you saw the show and THANK YOU for cheering me on! It was a blast 🙂 I hope you find some great recipes here – and I’m glad to connect!

  6. It was so much fun to watch last night. What made it even more exciting is I had just met you and your husband. What a thrill.

    I was scared for you. I love cooking, but not under that kind of pressure. What great strategy you had. Your family looked so pleased for you.

    You were superb!


    1. Thank you, sister! So glad that the social world brought us together. You inspire me with your posts… and I’m glad we’re connected. All for HIS glory! -e.

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